We are pleased to provide comprehensive medical care to our patients.  We have many services for all ages and needs including:


familyInternal/Family Medicine

SMC offers internal medicine and family medicine services. Our practice has specialty training and expertise in dealing with patients of all ages. We provide preventive care (routine checkups) and diagnosis and treatment of acute chronic illness. We also provide coordination of care with other subspecialists when needed.



SMC understands the emotional demands of parenting and provides empathetic support for today’s busy parents. At SMC, your child is in good hands! Our goal is to provide the highest quality pediatric medical care in a pleasant and professional atmosphere. We provide well child visits, school physicals, developmental screenings and immunizations per the AAP guidelines.


gyn2Gynecological Exams

SMC offers preventive care such as PAP smears, breast exams, immunizations and periodic screenings for osteoporosis and breast cancer.




allergy1Allergy Management

While we do not provide allergy testing at SMC, we will work with your allergist to continue your current treatment plan. If you suspect that you are suffering from allergy symptoms but are not currently seeing an allergist, a general medical provider at SMC can refer you to a local allergist for evaluation and initiation of care. Patients established with an allergist can receive their injections at SMC.


xrayX-rays / Ultrasound

SMC offers in-house X-Ray Services at our office. If you are in need for an X-ray for any type of injury like a broken bone or a compound fracture, come to SMC and get checked out.  We also offer ultrasounds for other medical needs.



ekg2EKG/ Echo/ Stress Test

Should the need arise, we offer in house EKG’s. EKGs assist our physicians in identifying new or old heart attacks, enlargement or hypertrophy of heart chambers and heart muscle, and abnormally fast, slow, or irregular heart beats.


annual-checkupAnnual Physical Exams

SMC provides annual physical exams for school or to check your overall health and make sure you don’t have any medical problems that you are unaware of.  This is your chance to talk about any problems or symptoms you are experiencing and get professional advice from your PCP. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.


Travel MedicineTravel Counseling

Don’t forget to take your good health with you on your next adventure. SMC is here to get you ready for your next international travel, whether it is for business or pleasure. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the most up to date health advice and vaccinations for your destination. Call us for an appointment today!


back-massageDr. Sunit Singhal also serves as Medical Director for Suburban Med Spa, located in the adjacent facility. Additional cosmetic and spa services provided include:  Botox/ Juvederm, Cosmetic Laser, Facials for all ages, Massages, and Cosmetic Products.

 Please visit for further information.